The Best Flower Deals In Big Rapids

Are you looking for edibles, flower, concentrate, pre-rolls, vapes, or topicals? If you are, then plan to order online or drop by the Premiere Provisions dispensary in Big Rapids! We pride ourselves in carefully selecting premium edibles, flower, and other recreational cannabis products to ensure our customers have the best wellness experience. We stock the best brands, strains, and products in recreational cannabis for your enjoyment.

The Best Flower Deals

We specialize in offering our customers the best flower deals in the area. Premiere Provisions has a VIP text club and loyalty points, which are a simple way to stay informed of our great deals and save even more on your purchases.

Be sure to check our selection of promotions and products with every visit. We constantly change these items, allowing you to try something new or get a great deal on your favorite flower strain. Our product line includes Sativa, Indica, and hybrid flower that is fresh and ready for you to enjoy.

The Best Edibles Selection

In addition to our exceptional selection of flower, Premiere Provisions has a top selection of edibles. These include the always popular option of gummies in a variety of traditional and exotic flavors, as well as chocolates, chews, and drinks.

We recommend you try our dissolvables and sublingual products for rapid absorption and fast effects. If you have any questions about our products, feel free to drop by the dispensary in Big Rapids and talk to one of our experienced budtenders or reach out to us online.