Add Cannabis Tincture To Your Wellness Routine

Premiere Provisions provides our customers in Big Rapids and beyond with a top selection of many different cannabis products. While flower is still the traditional favorite, other forms of cannabis products, including oils and tinctures, have become more & more popular every year.

Cannabis tincture provides a simple and effective way to enjoy the wellness benefits offered by cannabinoids. They offer discrete consumption methods and are a low-calorie option. Cannabis tinctures often include a higher level of CBD, CBN, or other cannabinoids in formulation with THC.

Our selection of cannabis tinctures products have a variety of potential benefits and are convenient to use as needed throughout the day or into the evening. Choosing flavored or unflavored options in tinctures or oils allows you to find the right product for your preferences and the specific effects you desire.

Using Tincture

There are various ways to enjoy the benefits of cannabis tincture. One of the most common methods of use is sublingual. The desired amount of tincture is dispensed from the dropper cap and placed under the tongue. Then hold the liquid in place for up to ninety seconds and swallow. With high bioavailability, the effects of the tincture are typically much faster than other forms of edibles.

Another great way to consume cannabis tincture is to add it to your favorite beverages or even sprinkled on foods. Cannabis tinctures and oils mixed with food or drinks usually start working within 60-90 minutes of ingestion, as they are processed in the liver before the endocannabinoid system transports it to the rest of the body. Keep in mind, dosage should be adjusted slowly based on your body’s response to the individual tincture formulations.

If you are interested in trying our selection of cannabis tinctures and oils, drop by our dispensary location in Big Rapids, or give us a call at 231-629-8188.