The Enjoyment Of The Pre-Roll Joint

For most people, flower is still the favorite and traditional way to enjoy cannabis products. However, it can be inconvenient, and rolling your own may not always result in an optimal smoking experience. We offer a top pre-roll joint selection for convenience and a consistent product.

At Premiere Provisions in Big Rapids, we believe in assisting our customers in finding the right pre-roll joint to create their desired experience and meet their wellness goals. Our Budtenders are here to assist you in getting the right strain, and THC level with every product ordered.

Shop Our Selection of Pre-Rolls

We offer different options in Sativa, Indica, and hybrid pre-rolls that are perfect for creating an uplifting, energetic, and creative mood or to relax, unwind and slow down to enjoy life.

We provide our customers in the Big Rapids area with the option to buy singles, infused pre-rolls, and blunts. Our lineup includes top brands such as Blaze, DNVK5, High Peak Farms, Ozone, and Sapphire Farms pre-rolls to name a few. Check our Special Deals page for more information on great prices on pre-rolls and other cannabis products.

All our selections in our pre-roll joint category earn Loyalty Points. Drop by the store and create an account to start collecting your points with every purchase. We also have the Premiere Provisions VIP Club, which allows you to get special deals and promotions on various items in the store.

For more information about our recreational or medical marijuana, drop by our location, call us at 231-629-8188, or contact us online.