Top Selection of Edibles And Gummies

Premiere Provisions offers a top selection of edibles and gummies. We are the leading provider of quality cannabis and edible products in the Big Rapids area. We take pride in having a great selection of THC and CBD edibles in stock, including the always popular gummies.

Tips For Choosing Gummies

Most people who enjoy the recreational use of cannabis are avid fans of edibles. These are small, tasty treats that are infused or made with THC and can be taken discreetly without having to light up!  

There is a wide range of types of edibles on the market. These include various forms of candy, including the very popular fruit and exotic flavored gummies, as well as hard candies, chocolates, baked goods, a variety of different beverage powders and mixes, as well as chews and others.

It is important to remember these tasty treats can be very potent. Be sure to check the potency of the edible and the strain of cannabis used to make the product. This will help determine what you can expect and the intensity of the experience.

Those using gummies or other types of edibles for the first time need to understand the full effects will not be evident for up to two hours after consumption. Start slow and with a small amount of the edible to see how your body responds. 

Be sure to drop by the store in Big Rapids and talk to our Budtenders if you have any questions. We can also assist you in finding the right gummies and edibles for your specific desired experience. For more information, reach out to us online or call us at 231-629-8188.